Dimostrazione in the classroom…

When I think of ‘dimostrazione’, especially in the context of students, I think of encouraging their willingness to experiment and learn from the results of those experiments. [Note: Guess who is in that photo? Answer in the comment box.]


I don’t even think the word ‘fail’ needs to be used, though I have no objection to it.

But really, dimostrazione is about:

  • experiments
  • asking ‘what if?’
  • putting those ‘what if’s’ to the test
  • recording the results
  • re-experimenting with a change in one of the variables
  • again recording results

So, more specifically, what would it look like in the classroom?

Kids would have notebooks and sketchbooks, but just as important, they would have electronic timers and cameras or tablets [iPads, etc.] to record all their steps of the scientific method, especially the moments when hypotheses are tested.

However, dimostrazione doesn’t have to include action-packed scenes of Lego structures giving into gravity, though that’s usually fun. It might involve a student trying a sketching or painting technique, or even reading aloud a piece of writing that stretches the boundaries of their comfort zone.

But I really do think that having it on camera is valuable.

I would give the more reticent kids plenty of ‘rehearsal’ time before the cameras run and they would also have the choice to not be recorded.

More specifics in a later post.


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