Wouldn’t it be fun to…

 be told to toss out the textbooks and curricular expectations, even for a day?

And you only have an hour to plan for those six hours of ‘instruction’?


I’d dive into one of my favorite books: How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day by Michael J Gelb.


Here are those seven steps: [Follow the links to my treatment of each of the traits.]

  1. Curiosità [Consistent willingness to ask ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’]
  2. Connessione [Interconnectedness of phenomena]
  3. Corporalita [Connectedness of body and mind]
  4. Sensazione [Heightening of One’s Senses]
  5. Sfumato [Appreciation of uncertainty]
  6. Dimostrazione [Willingness to experiment and learn from the results]
  7. Arte-Scienza [Right-brain and left-brain thinking]

More on what it might look like in the classroom, but thanks to Andrea Balt for her thoughtful treatment of the above traits.


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