If You’re Trying to Teach Kids How to Write…

…You’ve Gotta Have This Book”.

That’s the title of the book by Marjorie Frank.

Published in 1979. Revised in 1995.

First picked one up after a summer National Writers Project session.

My favorite pages: 30-31. Over 200 Alternatives to “Write a Story”.

From this list, my immediate favorites are: [with some suggestions from me]

  1. contract
  2. essay
  3. soap opera/drama
  4. diary
  5. dialogue [spoken words only. No tags.]
  6. dictionary entry
  7. invitation
  8. jingle
  9. letter
  10. list [shopping list of a character from a literature story]
  11. lyrics
  12. review
  13. parody
  14. poem
  15. post card
  16. predictions
  17. propaganda
  18. quiz
  19. quotations
  20. recipe
  21. remedy
  22. schedule
  23. TV commercial
  24. tribute
  25. want ad

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