The Next Page Entry 32: A Chat with Ms. Page [Traffic cop aftermath]

The Next Page Entry 32: A Chat with Ms. Page [Traffic cop aftermath]

Milo the Muse: So, Joanna, your little foray into community policing…

Joanna Page: Yeeesh, I guess I was a little…how does ‘impulsive’ sound?. But I’ve seen a few close calls where attention-scattered parents are ending phone conversations, checking on fastened seat belts, and doling out granola bars while rolling their battleships-on-wheels through the parking lot.

Milo the Muse: Are you sure you’re not exaggerating a bit?

Joanna Page: Okay, not battleships. Let’s go with armored cars. 

Milo the Muse: Have you gotten any flak for your spontaneous career change?

Joanna Page: Not especially. Well, one teacher accused me of grandstanding, but I think she was talking about me in general and some of the other stuff I’ve been doing. Yeah, but from her, I wouldn’t expect any different. Wonder of all wonders, I haven’t heard from Mrs. Nix. I’m thinking she’s just adding this to her burgeoning ‘J. Page’ file.

From the others, just a few non-committal ‘I heard about…’ comments. But you see, this is the point…over the years, we’ve talked about this issue off and on, but we always kick the can down the road. So, it wasn’t my intention, but maybe this will be enough to make that battle zone a little safer.

Milo the Muse: Battle zone…there you go again with the exaggeration. 

Joanna Page: Call it what you want. I would just as soon see cars banished entirely during that time, but that’ll never happen. God forbid people have to leave their cars and walk a little and yeah, I know, some have kids in car seats and all that, so I know I’m dreaming, but still…

Milo the Muse: You have a gleam in your eye…

Joanna Page: It just hit me–Too bad we’re a public school. Otherwise, we could auction off monthly passes for after-school pickup. Great fundraiser, I would think.

Milo the Muse: Go back to your classroom. You’re getting a little wonky.

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