The Next Page Entry 39: Another new ‘teaching tool’

The Next Page Entry 39: Another new ‘teaching tool’

pancake word bank

I’d been mulling over another diversion over the last couple of weeks and, with the Supermarket Stopover postponed, I now had time to take action…

While smuggling in a microwave had crossed my mind, I figured there are just too many weird things that could go wrong, starting with something overheating if I got distracted. [Gee, what are the odds of that happening?]
THEN I figured, why not an electric griddle? And what better way to demonstrate three stages of matter than making pancakes? Not an earth-shaking idea, granted, but if I can sneak in more and more science, I will—no matter that we’ve been more life science-oriented lately.
And why not finagle some writing out of them along the way? The kids groaned when I told them recording of observations would be involved. But their tune changed when I assured them that: A. they didn’t have to do the writing and B. if they didn’t write, they also wouldn’t be called on to do cook their own masterpiece. C. if they didn’t write, they also wouldn’t be fed.
What can I say? Sometimes, hard-nosed is the only way.


  1. A well-developed word bank on butcher paper for all the writers to contribute to and lean on, if needed.
  2. My realization of how few kids do any cooking whatsoever at home.
  3. Lots of iPad photos of kids posing with their pancakes.
  4. I sorely underestimated syrup consumption. [I might hear from parents on this one.]
  5. Lots of artistry in their pancake designs.

    pancake face
    Image by Andrea Pangilinan from Pixabay

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